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Impression from the earth to you

~Impression from the earth to you~

~Dreams are foam, people love dreams, their appearance is fleeting, they disappear in foam~

At the very least, I'll try to capture the various frothy dream moments.

With the motif of a phoenix flying gracefully while watching the world of song from the sidelines

It is a design reminiscent of various stories.

This is as a tea utensil.

What kind of atmosphere to create at the tea ceremony,

I would be happy if I could help create a beautiful dream space.


Flat tea bowl with inscription, autographed paulownia box



1. Utakata


The flow of the river is continuous, and it is not the original water.

The song that floats in the stagnation disappears, and it is connected and does not stop for a long time, and it is like the people and houses of the world.

The dwellings of the noble and lowly who line up their buildings in the city of Tamashiki and fight for the throne are inexhaustible from generation to generation, but if you ask whether this is true, the houses that used to exist are rare.

Or it was destroyed last year and built this year, or it is a large house and a small house

The same is true for the people who live there

The place was the same, and the people were more or less, and there were two hundred and thirty people among them.

Dying in the morning and being born in the evening is like a bubble of water

People who are born and die without knowing come from what direction and leave from some directions

And who does not know, who is troubled by the heart, and whose eyes are delighted

Its master and dwelling

Chawan Name 「UTAKATA」

  • 15×15×6.5cm

    Wheel-molding ・oxidation firing


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